Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Original state of mirror
Vintage millinery flowers added...

Bisque cherubs add interest...

Looks great displayed with perfume bottles!

I have customers inquiring about different uses for our vintage millinery items. One of my favorite sayings is "'s not just for breakfast anymore..." One can also say.."Vintage millinery...not just for hats anymore...!" I recently purchased a lovely antique dresser with a beautiful mirror (the mirror has some silvering loss) and I was able to transform it and hide some of the flaws with a garland of vintage roses, ribbon and leaves which meander around the frame of the mirror. I tied into the avalanche of flowers, a few vintage bisque cherubs for interest and added a 19th century hand painted French porcelain painting in an oval petite frame (not visible in these photos) to cover most of the silvering loss and add some feminine and quaint features to the mirror...So, yes, millinery flowers can be used for an endless list of creative projects!

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  1. So pretty!! You are so talented!! Love this look!!